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Anime Movies
12.22.10 (7:04 pm)   [edit]


Happy holidays!!!!! ^-^'

Btw, an update on me having a piczo site.. After my site was gone, it's been a long time before I started thinking making a new one. I'm just feeling lazy to start it as soon as I  can so it took me a while as I also got addicted playing Facebook apps ^-^'

So, as I love watching animated movies.... my new piczo site is just like that.. I've collected links to all animated movies I've watched online, specially Hayao Miyazaki movies and Doraemon and I put them all in there with clickable images.


So for those looking for anime, or animated movies that you would love, feel free to drop by on Anime-Movies  and  see if there's a movie you like. My favorites amongst Hayao Miyazaki's films are "Spirited Away" "Kiki's Delivery Service" and " Howl's Moving Castle." I also enjoyed the rest specially "My Neighbor Totoro." ^.^

Some Doraemon movies, Pokemon and Ranma 1/2 movie links are also listed in there. I would be adding more links as I find more. :)

BTW, I don't have any affiliates yet, so for those who cares for a link exchange, drop me a line and I'd be happy to exchange links with you. ^.^'






Tags: anime movies online, animated films, watch anime movies, free anime movie online, Hayao Miyazaki movies, animated movie websites, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, Doraemon movies onlnie, Ranma 1/2 movies online,Lupin III, The Cat Returns, Castle Of Cagliostro, Pokemon movies

Where Is You-Vies?
01.15.10 (11:09 am)   [edit]


Really, where is I don't know either. The other day, January 13, 2010, I decided to go and check my site and to my surprise I can't see it. I had refreshed my browser many times hoping it was just a trick of the eye but it wasn't there! What appears is this message:





I went and check my other websites and they are all fine. Just You-Vies is having the trouble.


I know what you thinking, NO, I wouldn't delete my site because I am monetizing it with Adsense and Linkbucks.

I had emailed Piczo support that day, but until now I haven't received any answers.. so I emailed them again for the second time.And what I received in my email is another message stating that "someone from Piczo Member Services will reply shortly."   You can view the message here!"


So for those You-Vies watchers wondering on what happened to You-Vies, no I didn't  deleted my website guyz.

For the meantime, you can watch your favorite teleserye episodes on Yoovies, Click here to go to Yoovies. 

I had also learned a lesson as this could happen to my other sites so I think I would just create another Tblog blog I would name You-Vies if my site didn't reappear, and I'm going to start all over again and transfer important links in here.




Tags: Dahil May Isang Ikaw episodes, Full House, You-Vies website, news, what happened to You-Vies? where is You-Vies? 

Facebook App: Cafe World
01.06.10 (2:20 pm)   [edit]

January 2010! My 4th month as Facebook member.

My main purpose when I decided to create an account on Facebook is for my Ehow  articles. But now I'm hooked on playing the apps!

It all started when my relatives (surprisingly most of them are on Facebook, and very active members)invited me as neighbors on apps they play like "Farmville"    and "Cafe World." 

My most favorite Facebook apps?

"Cafe World, "Happy Island, "SuperPocus, "Island Paradise," and "Farmville."

And speaking of "Cafe World," as of January 2010, I read yesterday (01-05-2010) from Facebook's homepage about the VIP dish..... so I checked it out on the recipe book and I found it! ^-^

So you knew what I did, right? Of course I cooked it! But it's not ready yet :)



 The VIP dish covered. Hmmnnn..... what could that be? Even the A-siana chief is wondering. ^-^


Cafe World!

 By the way, notice my coins? Over a million! I was saving it for more expansion but there's no available yet still "Coming Soon!" in red letters.


Cafe World is one of my favorite apps, along with "Happy Island" and "SuperPocus" because I found this game much easier for me to level up than "Farmville," but I still play Farmville though.

 For those who wants some tips on how to level up and earn XP and more coins on Cafe World, here's some tips :

Tips for "Cafe World" starting chiefs.




Tags: Cafe World tips, Facebook, games online, Facebook apps, Farmville, Island Paradise, Happy Island, SuperPocus

12 Round Fruits Of New Year
01.06.10 (1:48 pm)   [edit]

Last year I has posted the 12 rounded shape fruits we had for celebrating the New Year. Our family always do this Filipino custom of attracting good fortune every time the year changes.

Now here's what we had for this year of 2010!



It's pineapple, fresh buko (coconut), pears, kiwi, oranges, green mangoes, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, avocado, apples, and grapefruit. ^-^

By the way, for those wanting to know and read more about Philippine customs and belief on New Year, here's my Ehow article, on  how to attract good luck for the New Year!"



Tags: New Year, Filipino customs, Philippines, New Year beliefs and customs, attracting good fortune for the New Year.


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