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Photobucket Mga Salitang Kalye (Tagalog Street Words)

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Mga Salitang Kalye (Tagalog Street Words)
05.23.08 (11:41 pm)   [edit]

There are times that my high school years comes pop up my mind. And there's this specific one where our Filipino teacher, when we were in fourth year that gave us an assignment of writing down  Tagalog "salitang kalye" or street words.

So I had thought, maybe sometime I would put here on my blog some "salitang kalye" words that I could think off.

So here's some. And their proper meanings.

Dekwat = kunin (To take something from somebody)

Tsekot = kotse (car)

Dinggoyin/dinenggoy= lokohin/naloko (to fool someone)

Datung = pera (money)

yosi = (sigarilyo) cigarette

erpat= (ama) dad

ermat= (ina) mom

jokla = (bakla/bading) gay

teleleng= (baliw) crazy, out of mind

These are I could think off right now, I would be updating and adding more on this post as I remember or hear some other words.



posted by: jo (reply)
post date: 06.26.08 (3:46 am)

thankz. .sa wakas,may nasulat na aku sa aking assignment. . hahaha

posted by: jcg (reply)
post date: 08.05.08 (6:23 pm)

hay zlamt may assignment n me

posted by: (reply)
post date: 08.05.08 (6:26 pm)

Reply to: jo
saan u nag-aaral?LASALLE ba?girl b u kc me girl eh tsaka lasalle din me aral.may kakilala lang me joanne,is that u?me name is jhlesa..........

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